Archival collections include The Richard Pousette-Dart papers; The Nathaniel Pousette-Dart papers, and the Flora Louise Pousette-Dart papers. The Foundation additionally preserves digitized video and film footage pertaining to the artist, as well as copies of ancillary archival materials originating from the artist now housed in public and private collections.

On a limited basis, the Foundation is available to answer reference questions, direct individuals to works by Pousette-Dart in public collections, and provide useful materials for art educators. The Foundation does not conduct research remotely for students or scholars, nor offer current or recent financial information about works of art in any form. In conjunction with the Richard Pousette-Dart Estate, The Foundation may provide images of artwork free of charge for educational purposes.

Richard Pousette-Dart worked in an extremely wide variety of artistic mediums, including painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking and drawing, and experimented with a diverse array of materials and approaches to art making. The Foundation, accordingly, has strong interest in supporting scholarship and documentation that pertains to the conservation and optimal display of works by Pousette-Dart, especially those in public collections.

In the future, this website will provide additional resources on the artist, including exhibition histories, chronologies and detailed descriptions of research materials.

Inquiries: info@pousette-dartfoundation.org